Why do I have to take a parenting class?


The Minnesota legislature passed a law several years ago requiring parents going through a divorce or custody case to take a class to learn how to parent post-court.  The court provides these parents with a number of classes they can take some of which are offered only online.  The Volunteer Attorney Program in Duluth offers […]

Does having an Order for Protection against me let me keep my guns?


Hunting and enjoying the outdoors are ways of life especially in Minnesota.  Having an Order for Protection against someone can have a serious impact on his or her ability to keep guns whether for sport or personal protection. An Order for Protection activates a specific federal statute, 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(8), prohibiting a person who has an […]

What is a good legal resource for unmarried parents?


Earlier blog posts discuss the rights unmarried parents have when it comes to their kids.  LawHelpMN has put together a well-rounded article on the legal issues parents who have kids outside of marriage should consider. Here is a link to the article that I believe all unmarried parents should review. http://www.lawhelpmn.org/resource/unmarried-fathers-guide-to-paternity-custody.  Click on the link […]

What if I cannot afford court filing fees for my family court case?


Minnesota courts charge filing and other fees in a variety of cases including those involving divorce, child custody, parenting time and child support.  Not everyone can afford to pay all of these fees.  State law requires court fees and costs can be waived in certain circumstances. In family court, a person must provide the court with […]

Can I change my will during a divorce?


People going through a divorce often do not want their soon-to-be ex-spouse inheriting their assets such as real estate or bank accounts.  While death is a tough topic to think about, divorces should involve some estate planning early on in order to best protect what you own if your not-quite-my ex-spouse outlives you or dies […]

Why is a legal description for real estate so important?


The legal description for a house, cabin or other type of property is used to specifically identity where the property is located and its exact size and boundaries.  These descriptions are created through a survey using phrases, compass directions and numbers to let landowners know what real estate they own. Legal descriptions are meant to […]

What if the other parent claims our kids for taxes when I am supposed to claim them?


Sometimes parents spend a lot of time inside and outside of court fighting about who gets to claim the kids for income tax purposes.  Claiming one or more kids for tax purposes often brings a welcomed tax refund that can be used to pay down bills.  The process can bring some real financial relief for […]

How is custody addressed when parents live in other states?


With our mobile society, it is relatively easy to move to and from other states.  There may be situations where couples with children find themselves living in different states.  What happens with children?  The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, or UCCJEA, may come into play.  The UCCJEA is a series of statutes, or […]

What is the benefit of marriage to same-sex couples?


Now we celebrate the fact same-sex marriage is the right for all gay couples.  But now that the right exists, should a same-sex couple step forward and marry?  Frankly, the question of “should we get married” is something any couple – straight or same-sex – must weigh carefully.  It is easy to actually marry, but […]

What is the difference between legal separation and informal separation?


A difference exists in Minnesota between a legal separation, one where there is a legal process that is done, and an informal separation, one where the couple either lives apart or in the same home but the marital relationship is over. Informal separation is very common.  There is no court process that happens.  It is […]

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