Is it possible to reopen a divorce?


Once a judge signs a divorce Decree finalizing a divorce, that divorce is final.  Parents occasionally need to modify the parenting time schedule which is normal as children get older.  They may also feel they need to modify legal custody or physical custody because of certain events making the change in the best interests of […]

What is a standby custodian?


We know parents love their children unconditionally and always try to do what is best for them. But sometimes events and situations happen in a parent’s life where they may be unable to take proper care of their children. When times such as these happen, parents may want to designate a standby custodian to step into […]

Are there online tools to help with parent communication?


Co-parenting is rarely easy, especially when there is a contentious relationship with an ex-partner.  You may be concerned about your ex’s parenting abilities, ability to get the kids to activities and event, or feel worn down by unending conflict.  But co-parenting amicably gives children the structure, stability, security, and close relationships with both parents they […]

What professionals can help in custody and parenting time cases?


Some parents are unable to agree where children should live, go to school or what parenting time schedule they should follow.  In those instances, they are leaving it up to a judge to decide.  That judge, who needs relevant information in order to assess such life changing decisions, may want the parents to provide a […]

How do I repair my credit after a divorce?


A divorce triggers the division of all of a couple’s debts and assets such as real estate, vehicles, credit cards and retirement. No matter how financially stable they were prior to the divorce, the couple often walks away with less than half of their assets and more debt than they may be able to afford. […]

Where do I find Minnesota laws online?


The Office of the Revisor of Statutes is an office created by the Minnesota Legislature to serve as the compiler of Minnesota Statutes, Laws, and Rules.  It is a nonpartisan office what provides a wealth of information on its website for the public to use.  One of the primary services the Office provides is access […]

What is a Guardian ad Litem?


A Guardian ad Litem is a person with specifically required training who is assigned to a court case.  He or she serves as an advocate for a child when the child’s welfare is a matter of concern for the court. The phrase legally means “guardian of the lawsuit.”  Guardians ad Litem provide a voice for a […]

Are women having children later in life?


If you think women are having children later in life, you are correct.  The US News & World Report published an article earlier this year on this issue and the benefits it sees in moms having children later in life.  The link to the article is found here. Setting aside the pros and cons of […]

Can we make an agreement outside of court?


It is no secret people want to avoid paying an attorney whenever possible.  Divorcing couples or parents smartly try talking out their legal issues to find common ground and make agreements outside of court thinking they solved their legal issues without involving attorneys.  Their agreements may come before any court proceeding exists or sometime after […]

Does someone have to move out of the house when there is a divorce?


It can be stressful, confusing and difficult for spouses to continue living together during a divorce especially when there are children.  Seeing one another and knowing the relationship is over while wondering what the future holds is painful.  Divorcing couples should not jump to the conclusion one person should have to move out.  While there […]

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