What should I expect when I go to court?

Unless you are an attorney or a judge, being in a courtroom is scary.  Most people’s experience with court is what they see on television.  What you see on television is much different than what television dramas show it to be.  So, what is it like going to the courthouse for a court hearing? Leave […]

My spouse and I are going to do our divorce ourselves. Is that a good idea?

I recently met with a young woman who brought with her to our consultation the packet of fill-in-the blank divorce papers she got from a local courthouse.  She filled them out the best she could, but her spouse would only provide her with some of the financial information the forms require.  She wanted to know […]

Now that I am divorced, what is the best way to make it through the holiday season?

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult holidays to survive with or without a spouse or significant other.  For those who have recently divorced, the holiday season can be especially difficult if parents do not get to celebrate with their children.  Past holiday traditions such as having a dinner at a former spouse’s parent’s home is no […]

Can I control how child support is spent?

Divorcing parents and parents who have not been married to one another and who have children must address child support and who must pay money to the other parent for the children’s needs. The parent paying child support sometimes feels he or she is paying too much money while the parent receiving child support may feel […]