What professionals can help in custody and parenting time cases?

Some parents are unable to agree where children should live, go to school or what parenting time schedule they should follow.  In those instances, they are leaving it up to a judge to decide.  That judge, who needs relevant information in order to assess such life changing decisions, may want the parents to provide a […]

Can I change an agreement reached at an Early Neutral Evaluation or at a mediation?

More and more people going through a family court matter are choosing to participate in an Early Neutral Evaluation (“ENE”) rather than jumping right to a trial where a judge shall permanently decide the matter.  An Early Neutral Evaluation is a confidential evaluation process that occurs within a month or two of a family court […]

What happens if parents cannot agree where children go to school?

Whether a child is going to be entering kindergarten or finishing middle school and is about to begin high school, parents have to weigh many factors when it comes to where their child goes to school.  Depending where families live the choice can involve comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of private schools, charter […]

What questions should I ask when hiring an attorney?

Most people have never had to hire an attorney.  When they find themselves in need of a family law attorney, they often are so focused on what is going on in their life at the time that they do not know what they should discuss with an attorney or where to even start with their […]

What is the best way to protect my property in a divorce?

The choices made when dividing property in a divorce can last a lifetime.  Clients cannot afford to let anger, grief and sadness rule ahead of strategy and financial planning because that person’s financial future hinges on smart decisions. First, it is vital to identify what property the parties have and what it is worth.  This […]

Are there ways to settle a divorce without going to court?

The best way to settle a divorce is by not going through a trial or having court Motions or court hearings to ask the judge to settle temporary issues.  A trial is very expensive and emotionally difficult.  In cases of a divorcing couple who cannot agree to which has legal or physical custody or what the parenting […]