What is the best way to protect my property in a divorce?


The choices made when dividing property in a divorce can last a lifetime.  Clients cannot afford to let anger, grief and sadness rule ahead of strategy and financial planning because that person’s financial future hinges on smart decisions. First, it is vital to identify what property the parties have and what it is worth.  This […]

What is a parenting time expeditor?


You have a parenting time schedule showing when the children are supposed to be with both parents, but one of the parents refuses to follow that schedule.  That parent brings the children home late or the following day.  There are times parents continually fight over who has the children on what holiday. What options do […]

How does a court look at income for child support and spousal maintenance?


One common question asked during a divorce, paternity and custody case revolves around financial support a person must pay or receive as it relates to their family law case.  The first step to determine the couple’s income is to obtain monthly income paystubs and information for each parent. Income can come from many documented sources […]

Do children get a say in where they want to live in a divorce or custody case?


Judges do their best to keep children out of their parent’s divorce or custody case by keeping them out of the courtroom.  They will want to hear the parent’s thoughts, ideas and wishes.  There may be a Guardian ad Litem, social worker, therapist or teacher who has insight into a child’s wishes. There is no […]

What if a couple cannot afford to sell a house in a divorce?


A house is often the most valuable asset a couple has in a divorce which can be a blessing or a curse.  The best case scenario for couples is to sell a house or have one of the spouses refinance.  There are other times when there are no good options when a couple cannot afford […]

Should I sign a quit claim deed in a divorce?


When someone purchases a home, a rental property or a vacation property, a quit claim deed is signed at that time transferring his or her interest in the real estate to another person.  The document is then recorded with the county in which the property was purchased showing the new titled owner of the real […]

What happens to a mortgage in a divorce?


It is no secret that a divorce can wreak havoc on a couple’s finances.  Add the financial stress together to the emotional distress of the situation trying to figure out what to do with a house or other real estate gets overwhelming.  No one goes into a marriage with a plan on how to handle […]

Can my ex move out of state with our kids?


We live in a very mobile society.  People move out of state for new jobs, to attend school, to relocate with a new spouse or to be closer to family.  What if an ex does not agree the children should move too? Parents who have a previous divorce Decree or custody order are subject to […]

What are grandparents’ rights?


Family dynamics are hard.  There is no getting around that.  Grandparents who want to be a part of their grandchild’s life can feel powerless when an ex-spouse or a former girlfriend or boyfriend tries to limit their involvement.  Minnesota law provides grandparents some options so they can continue seeing and spending time with their grandchild. […]

What is a Harassment Restraining Order?


If a person is being harassed, intimated or threatened by someone, Minnesota law allows that person to apply for a Harassment Restraining Order, or a HRO.  A person can obtain a HRO so long as the other person’s negative behavior meets the definition of harassment.  Harassment is defined as: A single incident of physical or […]