What is spousal maintenance?


Spousal maintenance, or what used to be called alimony, is money one spouse pays to the other spouse for his or her financial needs either as a divorce is taking place or after the divorce is done.  It is important to know that while a spouse may not have money to financially support himself or […]

What is an Order for Protection?


Domestic violence may happen in relationships, whether the couple is married or dating.  Domestic violence affects people no matter their race, income level, sex or where they live. Minnesota law allows a person to apply for an Order for Protection (“OFP”) which is a court Order keeping the violent person away from the victim including […]

Are there ways to settle a divorce without going to court?


The best way to settle a divorce is by not going through a trial or having court Motions or court hearings to ask the judge to settle temporary issues.  A trial is very expensive and emotionally difficult.  In cases of a divorcing couple who cannot agree to which has legal or physical custody or what the parenting […]

Can I change the parenting time schedule I have with my kids?


As children get older, it may be necessary to change a parenting time schedule.  Judges recognize that as children get older they are active in sports and school activities.  They are getting more independent.  So, how does Minnesota law address what a parenting time schedule should be? Sometimes parents are able to agree to change […]

Who gets custody of the children in a divorce?


This is the first question I hear when I first meet with a client.  No other issue for parents going through a divorce is more painful, heart wrenching and just plain awful to think about. When a person mentions “custody” there are actually two type of custody that are at issue – legal custody and […]

How do unmarried dads get legal rights to their children?


When a child is born outside of wedlock, the child’s father does not have any legal rights to that child.  This is a shocking thought, but it is true.  The moment a child is born outside of marriage the mother has 100% of the legal rights to the child.  The mother does not have to […]

What are the best interests factors?


How does a court determine which parent should have legal custody and physical custody of a child?  This is a heart wrenching question because parents love their child more than words can express.  If parents cannot agree to an answer, a judge must make a decision for them.  Minnesota Statute Section 518.17 states a judge […]

I want a divorce. Now what do I do?


A divorce is like a death.  Every spouse grieves the death of the marriage in his or her own way.  Deciding to divorce is difficult in many important ways.  It may be that a spouse has cheated.  It may be that the couple can no longer communicate and one of the spouses feels he or […]

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