My spouse and I are going to do our divorce ourselves. Is that a good idea?


I recently met with a young woman who brought with her to our consultation the packet of fill-in-the blank divorce papers she got from a local courthouse.  She filled them out the best she could, but her spouse would only provide her with some of the financial information the forms require.  She wanted to know […]

How do my spouse and I divide our personal property in a divorce?


I suggest clients make a list of the personal property, household goods and furnishings they, as a couple, own as a starting point.  Some couples are able to sit down together to make that joint list.  Working together a couple can walk through their house, garage, vacation property or business to create the list of […]

Now that I am divorced, what is the best way to make it through the holiday season?


Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult holidays to survive with or without a spouse or significant other.  For those who have recently divorced, the holiday season can be especially difficult if parents do not get to celebrate with their children.  Past holiday traditions such as having a dinner at a former spouse’s parent’s home is no […]

Can I control how child support is spent?


Divorcing parents and parents who have not been married to one another and who have children must address child support and who must pay money to the other parent for the children’s needs. The parent paying child support sometimes feels he or she is paying too much money while the parent receiving child support may feel […]

How do I protect my business in a divorce?


If you and your spouse own a business, it may be subject to division as part of a divorce. How can the business be protected in a divorce? Planning ahead should there be a divorce is essential. There are ways to protect a business including the couple agreeing to a prenuptial agreement prior to the […]

How can I best co-parent with my ex?


Children need their parents to co-parent with one another. They need both of their parents to be “on the same page” with how they are going to be raised, where they will go to school and in what activities they should be involved. There has been more and more discussion in the Minnesota legislature and […]

What is an annullment?


We all seem to know someone who has gone through a divorce. Divorces are complex and emotions run high. Making multiple decisions about how assets might be divided between the couple are never easy. Every case has to be assessed on whether or not spousal maintenance, or what used to be known as alimony, is […]

How can I know I am a child’s father?


Men who are not married and have children face enormous obstacles if they want to be parents. They have to establish their parental rights. At times those rights need to be enforced by a court. Unmarried dads may want to consider getting a paternity test if there are concerns that he may not be a […]

What is spousal maintenance?


Spousal maintenance, or what used to be called alimony, is money one spouse pays to the other spouse for his or her financial needs either as a divorce is taking place or after the divorce is done.  It is important to know that while a spouse may not have money to financially support himself or […]

What is an Order for Protection?


Domestic violence may happen in relationships, whether the couple is married or dating.  Domestic violence affects people no matter their race, income level, sex or where they live. Minnesota law allows a person to apply for an Order for Protection (“OFP”) which is a court Order keeping the violent person away from the victim including […]