Grey Divorce: Why Are So Many Baby Boomers Getting Divorced?

You may have seen it in the news. A 2017 Pew Research study found that the divorce rate amongst couples over 50 has doubled in the past 25 years. The Golden Years for the Baby Boomer generation are, for many, less than golden. Much has been written about this phenomenon which the media has tagged “Grey Divorce.” There are a number of underlying causes behind the statistics. Among them, we find that with children grown and out of the home, many couples find they lack shared interests. As a result, they have different ideas about what retirement should look like. For some, one partner may not like being around another who acts old. Perhaps they feel young and don’t want to be made to feel old. One of the major conflict areas in marriages of all ages is money. This is especially accentuated when money is tight and a couple is living on a fixed income. Sex is another problem area for couples of all ages, and in the twilight years, differing needs or expectations may present an ongoing problem. Individuals within the marriage may be challenged by differing lifestyles. An active and passive couple may chafe in much the same way high-energy and low-energy couples can. When one spouse wants to travel the world and the other wants only to travel the world through books, there will be a problem unless the couple is able to communicate their desires and find a creative solution. Sometimes one person wants to keep growing but feels trapped, and held back. Becoming aware that there may still be decades of life ahead of you only exacerbates the discontent. Longer life expectancy makes a bad situation even more unbearable when the future looks bleak. Schedule a divorce consultation with an experienced family law attorney Jessica L. Sterle at (218) 722-2655 to schedule a consultation to discuss the divorce process.

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