How long does it take to get divorced?

One of the first questions my clients ask is “How quickly can they get divorced?”  I encourage clients to look at the issue in a different way – is it better to get divorced quickly or is it better to get divorced correctly?  I want to see clients move forward through a divorce in the best way possible.

It is understandable that couples want to move on with their lives, but I encourage my clients to think past what is happening in their lives at the moment so they can see the big picture.  Decisions made in a divorce follow for years to come.  I want my clients to take a deep breath and think through their assets and debts, their financial standard of living, and what is best for their children.  Slowing down and thinking through what life will look like in two or three years gives clients a better perspective in order to get a divorce done as efficiently as possible.

Speed of divorce does not mean a best thought-out divorce.

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Jessica Sterle

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