What are the signs of domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is more than physically hitting, punching and physical attacks.  It involves psychological intimidation, isolation from friends and family and controlling how and where money is spent.  Domestic abuse can happen to people who are married, unmarried and same-sex couples who are rich or poor.  The trauma affects people no matter their sex, race or ethnicity.

There are four types of domestic abuse – physical, emotional, sexual and mental/psychological abuse.  A person may not realize a relationship is abusive because the abuse happened over time.  Some think they cannot be abused because they have not been physically harmed.  Truthfully, an abuser may not know they are being abusive.

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project created the Duluth Model, a program created to reduce domestic abuse named after Duluth, Minnesota, the city in which the program is based.  The Duluth Model has become a nationwide intervention program that has drawn international attention.

The Duluth Model developed a Power and Control Wheel to educate the public about the tactics abusers use to intimidate their partners.  The link to a video about this Wheel is found as https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=21&v=5OrAdC6ySiY.  It is a powerful tool to learn the various ways an abuser hurts and harms the victim.

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