What financial information do I need to bring to a child support hearing?

Minnesota has a special court called the Expedited Process that is used to determine child support in a new case or to modify it if it was calculated in the past.  Child support can also be calculated and modified in district court where all other court cases are heard.  No matter which court hears a child support case, the judge must obtain from both parents the following financial and parenting time information:

  1. Both parents gross monthly income;
  1. The average cost of day care for each parent, if used;
  1. How much each parent would pay each month to carry medical and dental insurance for their child; and
  1. How much court ordered parenting time each parent has with their child.[1]

Each parent is required to bring the following documents with them to the child support hearing:

  1. Paystubs for the past three months;
  1. The federal tax return for the prior tax year including any Schedules and Attachments;
  1. Costs of daycare for each parent for the past three months; and
  1. Information from the employer about the cost of that parent to carry medical and dental insurance for single, single plus one and family coverage.

The judge uses this information to determine the required amount of child support under Minnesota law.  Parents who are self-employed, who work part-time or have high debt should note Minnesota law looks at these specific situations in unique ways.  Talking with an attorney prior to a child support hearing to determine if additional financial information would best help their case is a wise investment.

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[1] Starting August 1, 2018, the court must use the number of court ordered overnights each parent has with their child.

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