Why do I have to take a parenting class?

The Minnesota legislature passed a law several years ago requiring parents going through a divorce or custody case to take a class to learn how to parent post-court.  The court provides these parents with a number of classes they can take some of which are offered only online.  The Volunteer Attorney Program in Duluth offers a class that provides both a group meeting and an online component.

These parents receive an Order directly from the court saying they must each take the class.  Parents can choose to take the class together, if they feel comfortable doing so.  Each parent is provided with a Certificate of Completion that must be provided to the court showing completion of the court ordered class.

A parent not taking the court ordered class may be ordered back to court to explain why he or she did not take the class.  The judge could find that parent in contempt of court for not following a court Order.  It is never a good idea to ignore a judge’s Order.

A court may cancel the court Order if the parents are able to easily work together legal custody and parenting time.

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Jessica Sterle