What is the benefit of marriage to same-sex couples?

Now we celebrate the fact same-sex marriage is the right for all gay couples.  But now that the right exists, should a same-sex couple step forward and marry?  Frankly, the question of “should we get married” is something any couple – straight or same-sex – must weigh carefully.  It is easy to actually marry, but it is not easy to divorce.

Running to a courthouse or a church to marry carries with it some legal pros and cons.  Yes, being able to say you are married is exciting; however, there are some legal considerations to weigh.  Some of those considerations include needing to make decisions that benefit both people, not just the one.  With that marriage brings with it Minnesota’s joint property laws.  The moment the couple marries assets and debts of the marriage belong to them both.  There is no more “my bank account” or “my vehicle”.  Everything, with a few exceptions, from the point of marriage is jointly owned.  A recent article from Consumer Reports highlights one gay couple’s financial experience with marriage.  http://www.consumerreports.org/money/How-same-sex-marriage-changed-couples-finances/

Making the decision to marry in any loving relationship ought not be made quickly.  The positives of legally sharing a life together for one couple may not be the best option for another.  Whether gay or straight, couples should weigh their options by talking with a family law attorney to learn which option is best for them.

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Jessica Sterle