Amicable Divorce Advice

It’s possible to have an amicable divorce.

Contrary to popular opinion, divorce doesn’t have to be a fight, with the two sides not talking to each other, arguing when they do talk, and drawing family, friends, and property into the crossfire.

Attorney Jessica Sterle specializes in helping married couples who have decided to divorce amicably achieve their mutual goal. But couples must come to the table committed to making sure the process is amicable.

First, they must come to a mutual agreement about what they want. And while they may agree on divorce amicably, they have more work ahead to accomplish that goal.

An important step is agreeing on a fair division of assets from the marriage. Couples must decide who gets what and how any transfer of property will take place.

Next, determine the timing. Couples don’t need to file divorce papers until both sides are ready. They must ensure that they are on the same page with timing, and that involves more than just the legal process. For example, they should work together to share word of their divorce simultaneously with family and friends. This prevents either side from feeling blindsided by the other and allows everyone in their lives to learn about the divorce at the same time.

Throughout the process, and even afterward, couples must agree to communicate clearly, openly, and fairly. Divorce is a difficult decision. But making it through the process amicably depends on a willingness to communicate without games-playing or hostility. As motivation, the couple can remember their ultimate goal—to divorce amicably and get through the process with civility and respect.

Even when the divorce is official, that’s usually not the end of communication. Divorced couples should be prepared to show the same respect after their marriage is dissolved, when follow-through, questions, and other issues inevitably arise.

It’s possible to have a peaceful and amicable divorce. The burden for achieving that goal falls on the divorcing couple to stay focused and committed to doing so.

Jessica Sterle

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