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We take care of many important needs in our lives online. That now includes getting a divorce.

Though it is still a growing format in Minnesota, divorcing online is legal, occurs regularly, and results in the same outcome as a traditional divorce.

But an online divorce comes with requirements that may not fit in every case.

First, both parties must agree to an uncontested divorce. This means the couple must make their divorce-related decisions ahead of time. Some of these are: parenting time for children, where everyone will live, an equitable division of assets, and a determination of finances moving forward.

A divorcing couple working online with attorney Jessica Sterle starts by providing her with the documents on this divorce checklist. Those who need help can schedule an initial consultation appointment online by filling out the consultation intake form.

Once the couple completes the forms, they sign divorce documents in front of a notary and file a joint divorce petition with the court. The court responds with a filing confirmation, which includes a case number.

The divorcing couple then waits to receive the divorce judgment and decree, which is the legal document signed by a judge that makes their divorce final.

At least one spouse must have resided in Minnesota for at least 180 days before filing for divorce in any format. Minnesota also is a no-fault divorce state. That means the couple needs to give no reason for the divorce other than say that their marriage has suffered an irretrievable breakdown.

Given the right circumstances, an online divorce can be the right solution for couples seeking a relatively quick and simple dissolution of their marriage.

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